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Choose your server NA, EUW, EUNE, or KR and type in the LoL Account Name that you want to check out. Then hit enter and you will get all information that you need.
We calculate your LoL MMR for Ranked, Normal, and ARAMs with 95% Accuracy. We will also display a range that your MMR lays within. The more LoL Games you play, the more accurate your MMR will be.
Simply put: Your MMR increases when winning and decreases when losing. The easiest way to get a good MMR is maintaining a high win rate (at least positive). The higher your win rate the better will your MMR be. You can use the following rule of thumb: +10 MMR Points for a win and -10 MMR Points for a loss. Bellow we also added 7 tips on how to improve your MMR in League of Legends easily.

Please note that we only calculate the MMR of players that have been active for the last 30 days. If you did not play enough League Of Legends games, we can not calculate or track your Accounts MMR.
If you win a lot of games, chances are that your MMR will be much higher than your actual rank. When your MMR is higher than your rank, you will get significantly more League Points (LP) and climb faster. That also means that you will be matched with players in a higher elo than your actual rank. If your MMR is lower than your actual rank, it is the other way around: You lost too many games and are matched with people below your actual rank.
No, dodging a champ select will not impact your MMR. You will only lose LP. Riot started punishing people who dodge a lot recently. Within 24 hours you will lose -3 LP for your first dodge, -10 for the second, and -15 for the third one. However, dodging 3 games per day will also block your Account for 12 hours. Your MMR will remain the same.
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What is a LOL MMR checker and how do I use it?

If you've scrolled this far, you're probably aware that checking and keeping track of your MMR in League of Legends, is an important feature to get a decent understanding of where you are on the MMR spectrum. The LoL MMR Checker on Accounts of Legends, by Josh from whatismymmr, is causing quite a stir in the world of unauthorized third-party MMR calculators. It has a 95% accuracy rate for ranked, normal, and ARAM matches and is able to assist you in the best way possible. Simply select your server (NA, EUW, EUNE, and KR) and enter the name of the account you wish to check out. We offer an in-depth analysis of your rank and MMR progress with an amazing interface!

LoL MMR Calculator: The Key to League of Legends Victory

What Exactly Is MMR?

Since the very beginning of League of Legends, a Matchmaking Rating system (MMR) has been one of the essential components utilized to keep it fair. It ensures that each player has the needed skill and knowledge to compete in various matches and that a novice is not pitted against more experienced players with superior knowledge (for example Platinum 2 against Diamond 1). Respectively, being Diamond 1 does not mean you only play against Diamond 1 players. Chances are that you are smurfing and have a 70%+ win rate. In this case, your hidden MMR would be much higher you’re your actual rank Diamond 1. If your MMR is higher than your actual rank, you will play against players of a higher elo, but you also win a lot more LP. Your LP gain or loss is always determined by your hidden MMR. Having a higher MMR than your actual rank leads to a higher LP gain and lower LP loss while having a lower MMR than your actual rank leads to a lower LP gain and higher LP loss. In this way, the MMR is trying to move people to their actual rank as quickly as possible. While MMR can be really confusing, it is also a really important number to understand if you are seriously trying to improve your rank. That’s why we decided to dive deep into everything you need to know about the LoL MMR system, how it works, and how to improve it!

How Does MMR Work?

One of the first questions you should ask is, "Where can I find my MMR?" and "What metrics are used?" MMR is not visible to players, that's why it's also called „Hidden Rank“ or „Hidden MMR“.
The only variables when it comes to League of Legends MMR, are wins and losses. Nothing else affects a player's MMR. Not even stats like gold per minute, kills, deaths, and assists (KDAs), or creep score (CS) per minute. It's essential to understand that just a win will boost your MMR and a defeat will lower it.
Expect +10 MMR points for each win and -10 MMR points for each loss (not LP!). Because LP is solely used to determine your rank on the leaderboard, getting as many points as possible is critical, especially because your MMR in LoL is always hidden but directly impacts your LP gains.
Keep in mind that a player's metrics are calculated after all games have been completed. In addition, the MMR tracker only considers the previous 30 days of records. This means that an MMR calculator will only return results if your account has enough games in the last 30 days. It is not possible for us, to calculate your MMR if your account hasn't been active in the last 30 days.

How Do I Know My MMR Is Good/Bad?

You might have understood now that MMR has a huge impact on your LP gain in LoL. An easy way to spot a good or bad MMR is to look at your LP gains and losses. If your LP gains are small (13-16LP), chances are that your MMR is bad and the MMR system indicates that you should be in a lower elo. This leads to you being matched with lower elo players.
If your LP gains are high (24+LP) you can be sure that your MMR is good and you should continue climbing without issues. The game will match you with higher ranked people because your MMR indicates that you deserve a higher rank.
If you are still unsure if your MMR is good or bad, you can use MMR trackers and calculators like ours. Simply choose your ser-ver (NA, EUW, EUNE, KR) and type in your account name. After that, you will get a detailed report of your MMR. If your MMR is higher than your actual rank, your MMR is good and you gain more LP. If your MMR is lower than your actual rank, your MMR is bad and you gain less LP.

8 Tips To Improve Your LoL MMR Today!

Simply put, the only way to improve your MMR is to win. Your MMR increases when you win a game. When you lose a game, your MMR drops. Unfortunately, a big losing streak will decrease your MMR more than a long win streak would increase your MMR. That’s why it is important to play well and win consistently without long losing streaks.

After long losing streaks, many people experienced really low LP gains, and even after a long win streak, they could not recover their MMR in order to get better LP gains. That’s why a great way to improve your MMR is to take a step back from your main account and play on a smurf. Smurfing is a good way to practice new things and you have the chance to really focus on improving your gameplay. These days you don’t even have to level a LoL smurf account yourself anymore, you can easily buy Level 30 LoL unranked smurf accounts that are ready for ranked on our site. We even offer hand-leveled Level 30+ LoL accounts with instant delivery and lifetime warranty so you can start improving right away!

Play duo queue with higher MMR players. If you play with higher MMR players you will also be matched with higher MMR players. This can quickly boost your MMR if you win a lot of games with that duo partner. On the other hand, your duo partner would have to take a step back in MMR since he will be playing with lower MMR players to meet a relatively fair MMR average between both teams.

Another way to improve your MMR is abusing the meta. You might have heard of terms like “meta slave” which refers to people only playing what is strong at the moment. These players will instantly drop a champ if a nerf was released or the new hot thing comes out. However, sticking to the meta will statistically improve your MMR. A wise man once said: “Monkey sees Malphite 58% win-rate, Monkey plays Malphite.”

ARAM can help you improve your skill, and winning ARAMs can help you improve your ARAM MMR, but there are no ARAM ranks since there is no ARAM leader board. In Solo and Duo ranked games, ARAM MMR has no bearing on the real rank. But as stated, we think that playing ARAM can really improve your understanding of the game and champions in LoL, and it can teach you important team-fighting lessons. To advance in ranked games, you must polish your skills, which ARAM gameplay can help you do. You can use an MMR calculator to get a better idea of how far you've actually come.

Sometimes it is just important to keep a clear head and not get too emotional playing the game. Because you can enhance your scoreboard rating by winning or losing LP in ranked Solo and Duo matches, it can be nerve-wracking or fiercely competitive. Some gamers aren't serious about the game and are simply looking for a way to pass the time. They have no desire to become professional gamers or to be concerned about leaderboards. Others are simply unconcerned with the tension of league games and the possibility of losing league points and MMR. It's useful to be aware of the various player demographics and where they go to play games. Depending on where you're looking for matches, you could be dealing with a wide range of people who will either employ every trick in the book or refuse to look at the screen at all. Not all people might be as dedicated as you.

Don’t rage queue. Rage queue refers to queueing up even after losing many games in a row and you’re really frustrated. This usually leads to even longer losing streaks and a massive drop in your performance. If you noticed that you lost a lot of games recently it is recommended to take a step back. Play some other game modes like ARAM or normals where you can take it easy and get back on track. A common practice from experienced players is getting a new LoL smurf account to practice ranked games without having to worry about losing on your main account.

If you can’t win it, dodge it If you avoid a game that you believe you can't win and then find a different lobby that you can win, you'll still end up with a net LP gain without putting your MMR at risk. If you had played that game and lost, you would have lost both: LP and MMR. You only lose -3 LP but not MMR if you dodge. In League of Legends, your MMR is only updated after you complete a game.
By doing a quick op.gg check on your team you can also see if you’re playing with decent people or if you have bad players or even trolls in your team. To do that, simply copy all names from the champ select, and paste them into op.gg at once (do that by copying the text “player 1 joined the lobby, player 2 joined the lobby” etc. OP.GG will automatically filter the names out and provide you a list with all stats for all players at the same time) This will instantly show you the win rates and the past 10 games of all players on one page. If you see people having a 30% win rate or people lost the last 6 games you should consider dodging. This will keep your MMR safe from an almost guaranteed loss.

Different MMRs in different game modes (Solo/Duo, Flex, Normal, ARAM)

League of Legends offers several game types, including Solo or Duo ranked, Flex ranked, ARAM, Draft, and Blind Pick, each with its own MMR. There are also rotating special game modes that add dimension to the player's gaming experience. MMR and the gaming flexibility have made League popular with a wide range of different players, from beginners to professionals.
In the main ranked queue (Solo/Duo Queue)you can choose whether to play alone (Solo) or with a friend from the start (Duo). If you want to play with more than two people, there is also a flex mode accessible with up to 3 or 5 people.
League of Legends offers a variety of game modes, some of which are rotational and others that are permanent. To keep the experience fresh, new modes are added regularly. Teamfight Tactics and 'All Random All Mid' (ARAM) are the other permanent games at the moment, in addition to Summoner's Rift. It is important to understand that each game mode has its own MMR, so your ARAM MMR will not impact your Solo/Duo MMR.


Many League of Legends players are unaware that ARAM MMR may be used to obtain experience before jumping into actual ranked games. By playing a lot of ARAM you gain a lot of experience. Since ARAM is heavily fighting-based, you will be able to improve your team-fight skills, which you can then implement in your ranked games.


Players can lose league points (LP) if they quit during the pick and ban phase of a ranked game, often known as the 'champ select' in League of Legends. This is known as dodging, and it requires all players to queue up to find a new lobby. This can be frustrating and time-consuming.
Players usually dodge when they think the enemy got a better or even unfair team comp. Another reason for a dodge could be being banned out, sadly not just by the enemy team (we all love this game). However, if you dodge a game you will lose LP. This is important to remember because losing a match isn't the only way to lose LP. But the main question is can dodging affect your MMR?

Does Dodging Decrease MMR?

Simply put: No. You only lose MMR when you lose, and you win MMR when you win a game. Just keep in mind the difference between MMR and LP. MMR can only change after a game has finished, while you can already lose LP before a game even started by dodging a champ select. But there are also other factors to take care of since you don’t just lose LP by dodging but you risk getting long time penalties if you dodge too often.
When you win ranking games, you gain LP. If things don't go as planned, you lose some of your LP. Dodging is an important factor to consider. If you dodge a LoL match for the first time within 24 hours, you will lose 3 LP. But be careful, for the second dodge within 24 hours will be punished even more severely, and the third dodge will lock you out of your LoL account for 12 hours.

Does MMR Drop From Decaying?

If you are a Diamond 4+ player, you might be wondering if decaying has an impact on my MMR. Decaying means that you will lose LP and drop in divisions until platinum if your account has been inactive for a certain amount of time. This only happens when your rank is diamond or higher. The lowest you can drop is platinum 1. MMR does not decrease if you decay. That’s why you can be diamond 4 with a challenger MMR if your rank was challenger before decaying. So even when your displayed rank is diamond 4, the MMR system will match you with challenger players because your MMR never changed. Your LP gains would be extremely high in this case to assure you get back to your rank as quickly as possible.

Your MMR And Smurfing

Whether you believe the Smurfing practice is unjust or merely a way to have some fun, MMRs or governance do not prevent smurfing. They can, however, assist you in identifying Smurfs based on their metrics.
While a Smurf might theoretically be banned, this never really happens in practice because Smurfs are separated into a different ranked queue known as “smurf queue”.
Smurfs have skewed metrics in general, which may be easily identified by comparing actual rank to MMR. It's most certainly a Smurf if the actual rank on the leaderboard displayed is gold while the MMR is platinum.
Riot Games decided to address the Smurf problem in games by introducing a Smurf Queue, which pits Smurfs against one another.
It's worth noting that, while many people think of Smurfing as a terrible thing, this isn't always the case. There are legitimate reasons for a user to create a new profile in order to join friends who have only recently begun playing a game.
In games, you can expect Smurfing to persist for a while, and you'll have to adjust to the actual (rather than theoretical) gameplay and rank. The last thing a Smurf wants to do is face another Smurf, but thanks to some clever Riot Games design, this is quite likely to happen due to the creation of the smurf queue.

MMR: Some Final Thoughts

An MMR tracker is a valuable tool for better understanding your current position on the League of Legends ladder. A higher MMR will be rewarded because it will affect how much LP you get or lose per match. The MMR of a player is calculated and estimated with this tool. You can use the MMR checker on Accounts Of Legends on the servers NA, EUW, EUNE and KR.

Thanks to Josh from whatismymmr.com

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